April 5, 2021

Connection is Currency

Connection is Currency
CONNECTION is the new currency and you should INVEST in it daily.
Remember, we are in a connection economy and now more than ever people want real connection Connection to your brand and connection to YOU.
Social media is great, but make sure you are finding little ways every day to be SOCIAL while you’re here. One of the BEST ways to connect with people is to be helpful, to SERVE.
Don’t just consume, consume, consume! Learn to CREATE by giving back in the groups that you’re in. Direct message people that you are genuinely interested in helping and just say “hello.”
Don’t ask for anything. Learn how to serve others FIRST. Then people will want to connect with you.
I am extremely intentional about connecting with people and building solid, long-lasting relationships. I promise you, IT IS THE KEY to my success.
If you’re only on social media to be seen, you will never genuine connect with others or grow your products or services.
Remember, people will respect you and take you seriously when they can see that you are selfless and not selfish.
Cheers to your success! 🥂