Oct. 5, 2020

The Ten Year Overnight Success

The Ten Year Overnight Success

It’s been said that every overnight success is actually 10 years in the making. What most people see as overnight success is often the result of years practicing, grinding and hustling to achieve it. Ever heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect?” Well it’s true! Rarely does it ever have anything to do with talent. Those who become rock stars in their field or industry all know they MUST practice, drill and rehearse. I’ve always been told by my mentors that repetition is the mother of all learning.

Now of course, we all have seen some overnight-sensations pop up from YouTube and other video platforms. However it’s typically one in every million that actually achieve some sort of overnight stardom. In my opinion it’s just not duplicate-able.

While success looks like a duck gliding on water to some people. The REAL work and effort is taking place below the surface. Have you ever seen a duck’s feet paddle under water? No…Well check this out!


It takes deliberate, on-purpose practice to achieve greatness in any area of success. Anyone who deliberately sets out to get better by mastering themselves and their craft each day will inevitably obtain high levels of greatness and success.

It’s really a no-brainer and clear to see that it’s more about your journey and who you will become along the way. 🙂

I honestly had no idea early on that overnight success really was an average ten-year journey. Thankfully, I was blessed with an entrepreneurial mind-set since the age of 14. So naturally I’ve started & have overseen many projects along the way. Which I will do a follow up story on at a later date. Some things I’ve learned and gained along the way is an incredible mind-set, discipline, creative thinking & to seek out phenomenal mentors. Knowing all of this now truly excites me because even greater success is sure to come for me. WhooHoo!!!

So get excited and stop being so hard or critical of yourself as to why you haven’t “arrived yet.” This ten-year rule & journey is here to teach you. Accept it. Embrace it. Now go create something and become GREAT!!!